Genes Diffusion incorporates many of the farmer owned breeding cooperateves across France, and operates the familiar Charolais Optimal program that brought great sires to Australia like NOVOTEL, IMPAIR and his popular son, PINAY.


Charolais is the dominant breed in France by a significant margin.  Genes Diffusion is the dominant French Charolais genetics program by an even more significant margin.  This is not to say there aren't good bulls in other programs, but when there are you can be sure Genes Diffusion will use them to move their program further forward.  By employing the best genetics in the Genes Diffusion program, they best serve the interests of their farmer owners.....and Australian breeders can benifit too.


Genes Diffusion has employed the best science to improve the productivity and predictability of their genetics. You will see in the description of the sires, references to GD Scan.  GD Scan is a geneomic evaluation now incorporating 21 Genomic Predictors for traita that matter to cattle breeders - Docility, Locomotion, Maternal Instinct, Udder Conformation and Soundness of Legs, Muscularity and more.


In 2016 alone just over 28,000 GD Scan samples were processed.  After analysis of 14 generations of pedigree of all registered Charolais in France (191,000) it was confirmed that 70% have at least one Genes Diffusion sire in the pedigree.  The Genes Diffusion influence is strong, and getting stronger.


Genomics allows us to make predictable matings earlier in the life of an animal, and hence speeds up genetic progress.  Use Genes Diffusions products to improve your Charolais herd, and join the Genomic revolution in beef breeding.


Please consider the genetics listed in this site, and feel free to contact us to discuss how Genes Diffusion can work for you.

 Semen is available in Australia for immediate delivery.



PINAY - #1 Ai Sire in Australia

PINAY - Australian Charolais' #1 AI Sire.